5ft Threaded 30mm Barbell with Free Collars, Load 550 lbs - Minor Scratches

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Threaded 5ft Barbell (160 cm/30 mm) comes with two safety collars. The bar diameter is 30 mm and it is suitable both as a part of a multi-gym or as separate weightlifting bar. Threaded 5ft Barbell is made of high-quality steel.

Important: Standard bars and plates come in 25mm, 28mm and 30mm diameters. Please measure your weight plates to make sure they fit this 30mm bar. 30mm = 1.18".

Technical description:

  • Bar made of high-quality steel
  • Bar length: 5ft (160cm)
  • Bar diameter: 30 mm
  • Length of one thread: 28 cm
  • Maximum load: 250 kg
  • Weight: 8.67 kg
  • 2 pcs of safety collars

A (cm)

B (cm)

C (cm)

weight (kg)





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