Diagor Rubber Hex Dumbbells 1kg - 30kg

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Diagor Rubber Hex Dumbbells 1kg - 30kg

With the Diagot Rubber Hex Dumbbells, you can incorporate effective resistance training into your regular routines. Resistance training can help with anything from increasing muscle strength and improving bone health to burning calories, increasing energy, improving mood, and much more.

The weights are sold in pairs and allow for focused, dedicated repetitions on body muscles. The dumbbell is an excellent weight resistance tool as well as a counterbalance for a number of upper and lower body exercises. It may be used to work out all main muscular groups, including the arms, chest, and back, as well as the core and legs.

Solid Cast-Iron Core

We employ only polished metal orbs in the casting of Hex Dumbbells. Each dumbbell has a solid cast-iron core with fewer air bubbles and sand holes, resulting in increased structural strength and longevity. After frequent use, the portable weight will not bend or break, providing optimal performance over time.

Ergonomical Grip Handle

Ergonomically constructed curved handles with textured professional knurling provide the best grip and comfort possible. It also aids in the reduction of hand fatigue and the improvement of control.

Hexagon Shape

Put the dumbbell down and pick it up from where you left it - the hex-shaped rubber ends of the dumbbell aid to ensure safe and secure installation as well as simple access.


  • High-quality metal frame
  • Ergonomically shaped anti-slip grip
  • Made with precision
  • Dumbbell weight marked
  • Weight: 1kg - 30kg (per dumbbell)
  • Price per 2 dumbbells

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