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Extreme Labs T6 Fire Storm (90 Capsules) Thermogenic Fat Management

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Extreme Labs T6 Fire Storm contains a strong blend of ingredients that is great for males and females that are serious about their physiques. T6 Fire Storm is a Level 4 Thermogenic fat burner that gives a huge burst of energy, while simultaneously reducing your appetite and increasing metabolism.

Natural ingredients only - a highly potent mix of Yebra Mate, Green Tea, Caffeine, Capsicum, Bioperine and Vitamin B complex.

Take 2 capsules per day on an empty stomach for ultimate energy boost and calorie burn!

Extreme Labs are a premium UK supplement brand with results in mind - you won't have to worry about "does it work" with Extreme Labs, from T5 and T9 Fat Burners to OCS and PCT supplements, Extreme Labs has you covered with effective formulations in high doses.

Ingredients (per capsule):

ActivRX 175mg

 - Caffeine Anyhdrous 135mg

 - Yerba Mate 40mg

Thermolean 303mg

 - Green Tea 100mg

 - Capsicum 100mg

 - Taraxicum 100mg

 - Bioperine 3.0mg

QuadVit 9.0mg

 - Vitamin B1 1.2mg

 - Vitamin B5 6.0mg

 - Vitamin B6 1.5mg

 - Vitamin B12 125ug

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