Hex Dumbbells inSPORTline Hexsteel 3kg - 37.5kg

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Hex Dumbbells inSPORTline Hexsteel 3kg - 37.5kg

The modern single-handed Hex Dumbbells inSPORTline Hexsteel 3kg - 37.5kg have versatile use. Their ergonomically shaped grip are made of high-quality metal and have anti-slip grooving so that you can keep your hold on the dumbbells even during intense exercising. The weight plates have especially durable coating to prevent wear. Thanks to their hexagonal shape, these inSPORTline dumbbell stay balanced and still when you put them down.

Technical description:

  • High-quality metal frame
  • Ergonomically shaped anti-slip grip
  • Modern design
  • Made with precision
  • Dumbbell weight marked
  • Weight: 3 kg - 37.5 kg
  • Price per 2 pcs

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