Phone Holder w/ Wireless Power Bank/Light/Horn 4000 mAh

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Phone Holder w/ Wireless Power Bank/Light/Horn 4000 mAh

The Phone Holder w/ Wireless Power Bank/Light/Horn 4000 mAh will come in handy on your bike/scooter trips. The handlebar bracket can easily be attached to the bottom side of the phone holder, securing it in place and making it easier to attach the entire construction to the handlebars. The adjustable mechanism makes the handlebar bracket suitable for all bike/scooter handlebar types (from 2 to 4 centimetres). The phone holder, too, can be adjusted, making it suitable for virtually any smartphone or other smart device – the device can be attached both vertically and horizontally. The 4000 mAh power bank can last up to 4 hours on a single charge. Depending on the mode, the light can last up to 8 hours on a single charge. Its solid construction makes the holder suitable even for challenging terrain. The loud horn is the icing on the cake as it allows you to be heard from afar, making sure everyone knows you’re coming.

Light modes:



Battery life


550 lumens

4 hrs.

Low light

200 lumens

8 hrs.


550 lumens

6 hrs.

Technical description:

  • Multi-purpose phone holder with a power bank, light and horn
  • 4000mAh power bank
  • 3 light modes
  • Luminosity of up to 550 lumens
  • USB horn
  • Horn loudness: 130 dB
  • 5V/1A USB port and micro USB port for charging power bank and connecting devices
  • Width-adjustable phone holder
  • Comes with handlebar bracket
  • Max light life: 8 hours
  • Charging time: 4.5 hours
  • Compatible handlebars: Ø 2 – 4 cm
  • Phone holder width: 6 – 10 cm
  • Weight: 202 g

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