Polyurethane Premium Standard 30mm Weight Plates - 2 x 1.25kg

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Polyurethane Premium Standard 30mm Weight Plates Tri-Grip 2 x 1.25kg

High-quality steel Polyurethane Premium Weight Plates Tri-Grip 1.25kg are suitable for all bars with 30mm (1.18") in diameter. These weight plates have special coating that is extremely durable, wear resistant and made of polyurethane, as well as ergonomic grips for easy handling. They can be used both as a dumbbell and on a barbell.

Technical description:

  • 1.25kg kg steel rubber-coated weight plates
  • Wear resistant surface
  • Highly durable, non-fading coating that prevents the plates from damaging the floor
  • Plate diameter: 16 cm
  • Plate thickness: 3 cm
  • Hole diameter: 30 mm (1.18")
  • Coating: polyurethane
  • With grips
  • Total weight: 2.5kg (2 x 1.25kg)

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