Body-Solid Chicago Extreme Bumper Olympic Plate - 5kg (black)

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Body-Solid Chicago Extreme Bumper Plates feature superior durability with quality, smooth finishes and vibrant colours (green, black, yellow, blue and red). Constructed with the highest-standards in mind, Body-Solid Chicago Extreme Bumper Plates are factory tested to withstand drops and heavy use.

Each plate is made to the IWF standard diameter of 450mm (17.72”) and offer a thinner width allowing users to load more weight onto their bar.

  • Diameter: 450mm (17.72”), IWF Standard
  • Collar Opening: 50.7mm (2”)
  • One-year commercial warranty
  • Five size/colour options: 10 lbs (green), 15 lbs (black), 25 lbs (yellow), 35 lbs. (blue) and 45 lbs. (red)
  • 15 lb. Plate Width: 1 ¼”
  • Includes 1x weight plate

    Fit these barbell bars: