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Diagor's absolute best-sellers, the ever versatile bundle of Diagor Banana Heavy Punch Bag 180cm that weights 62.5kg (138lbs), and Diagor Teardrop Uppercut Heavy Punch Bag weighs 49.60kg (109.30lbs).

The first bag is perfect for practicing level changing combos and perfecting your technique. And second is ideal for throwing punches with power. The different angles on this bag allow for a variety of punch types, including uppercuts and even overhand strikes. Wider lower part is also are great for landing knees on, and some kicks.

Made from top-grade synthetic leather, both bags are able to withstand the heaviest of kicks and punches during prolong training sessions.

  • Professional quality
  • Reinforced hanger loop with rivets
  • Delivered filled
  • Chains and hooks are included

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