Medicine Ball Rebounder Trampoline with 8 Positions, Suitable for Plyometric Exercises

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Medicine Ball Rebounder Trampoline with 8 Positions

Medicine Ball Rebounder Trampoline with 8 Positions is a modern trampoline with a tilted spring mat so that it can bounce a medicine ball and thus meet the requirements of plyometric exercises. These are focused mainly on developing dynamic strength, focusing either on the whole body or just individual areas. The trampoline is therefore suitable for all types of people who perform these exercises, because they will never need an assistant again for their training. This trampoline will be also appreciated by coaches who, with its help, will be able to engage all their trainees, both outdoors and indoors. The tilted mat of the trampoline can be inclined to 8 different positions. It is also possible to attach weights to the trampoline to ensure its stability.

Technical description:

  • Trampoline with a tilted spring mat for medicine ball exercises
  • Suitable for plyometric exercises
  • A great accessory for developing dynamic strength
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Rebounds the medicine ball
  • Additional weights can be purchased separately and attached to the trampoline (hole diameter 50 mm)
  • 8 adjustable inclination positions
  • Trampoline diameter: 90 cm
  • Height : 23 - 78 cm
  • Angle: 57 - 78°
  • Weights not included

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