Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bench, Scott Station and Pulley

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Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bench, Scott Station and Pulley

Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bench is a unique combination of a standard chest press bench and a Scott bench for isolated bicep curls, provided with upper pulley for upper body workout. Due to its patented mechanism, no assistance is needed while exercising. On the Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bench, Scott Station and Pulley, you can perform weight lifting exercises like bench presses, leg curls, leg extensions, bicep curls etc. The upper pulley enables an effective back workout. The combination of all these features makes Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bench a highly versatile exercise equipment for home use.

Technical description:

  • Multi-purpose adjustable workout bench with upper pulley
  • Compact weightlifting bench for versatile muscle training
  • Removable height-adjustable barbell holders with safety pins
  • Adjustable leg station for leg curls/extensions
  • Adjustable biceps station for workout without assistance
  • Adjustable backrest for ab exercises and hyperextension, including 90°position and horizontal position
  • Maximum load: stand - 60 kg, leg extension - 60 kg, upper pulley - 60 kg
  • Weight limit: 150 kg
  • Beckrest dimension: 80 cm
  • Seat dimension: 40 cm
  • Adjustable barbell holders
  • Holders for 25mm weight plates
  • Distance between stand posts: 105 cm (outer distance)
  • Maximum height of stand posts: 138 cm
  • Dimensions: (L)185 cm x (W)138 cm x (H)198 cm
  • Box dimensions: (L)115 cm x (W)39 cm x (H)43 cm
  • Weight: 44.5kg
  • Bar and weight plates not included
  • Note: the barbell holders are separated from the bench and can be manipulated

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