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Pure 2 Improve Lateral Trainer

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Training with the Pure2Improve Lateral Trainer forces you to maintain proper body positioning and strengthens the muscles responsible for most lower body movements including the hip flexor and abductor muscles. The lateral trainer features two quick fit ankle straps joined together by an ultra-resistance tube with a nylon outer sleeve. By wearing one strap on each ankle you create not just resistance but also a connection between the actions of your core and the extremities of your limbs which in turn develops more explosive and use-able lower body power. 

Lateral Trainer. Black/red. 41cm long flexi-cord. Improves lateral speed. Perfect for strengthening leg muscles. Can be used to improve joint stability. Work on hip movement and body balance.

Material: 70% PP webbing, 10% latex tubing, 10% nylon, 5% metals, 15% foam.

Packed in colorbox.

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