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Pure 2 Improve Running Parachute

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The Pure2Improve Speedchute provides resistance in the initial part of the run. During running the Speedchute releases to initiate the overspeed phase. Feel The "Shot Out Of A, Cannon" exhilaration!

This combination increases your speed, explosiveness, acceleration and stamina while improving running technique. A parachute that opens up behind you when you run and provides resistance. It will help you to increase both your speed and your strength, because you will work against the resistance provided. 

  • Adjustable band length 100cm, 360 rotation belt, chute 125cm diameter, including carrybag.
  • Great for training or increasing fitness.
  • Gives resistance when running.
  • Can help increase your speed and stamina.
  • Material: 20% fabric, 30% net,30% PP webbing, 10% plastic, 10% iron metal.

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