RDX Cool-X Thermal Compression Shorts

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The RDX thermal compression shorts are designed specifically for MMA training. These shorts work overtime to retain body heat and encourage sweat without compromising cleanliness. The shorts feature flat-lock stitching at the seams that increases the shorts’ strength and durability. The compression shorts are ideal for preventing injury and post-exercise soreness. The stretchy material of the compression shorts allows free range of motion for stretches and high kicks. The shorts come with a circumferential waist to allow the much needed Pelvic compression, and a stitched-in groin cup pocket. Groin cup is not included with these shorts. 

  • Designed using Neoprene material, these compression shorts will resist wear and tear. The material assists in maintaining body temperature and offers sweat wicking characteristics.
  • Accurately carried out flat-lock stitching along the seams will ensure durability with long lasting perfection.
  • Neoprene
  • Circumferential waist area allows a free range of motion without compromising on your comfort.
  • For enhancing your protection a groin cup pocket is included so you could take part in MMA, kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ and other sports.
  • These Compression shorts are ideal for post workout soreness and maintaining blood flow.

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