RDX J2 Kids MMA Grappling Gloves Junior - Green

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RDX Kids grappling gloves are designed for youth and are made using high-quality Maya hide leather to improve the quality of the gloves and enhancing its durability and resilience. To ensure the safety of your kids hands against the impact of heavy hits, unique tri-layered contoured PC3 padding is incorporated to ensure impact absorption and secure the hands against all kinds of injuries. Unlike the common grappling gloves, the padding within these gloves is not limited to knuckle area. The gloves come with a separate wrist joint padded block to secure the wrist area without compromising on the mobility and flexibility of the gloves.
The gloves incorporate an improved wraparound Quick-Ez Velcro closure for enhanced wrist support and coverage. The D-Cut palm architecture of the gloves helps to improve your Kids grappling experience and ensures smooth air circulation. To keep the kids hands dry and safe from moisture related infections, the gloves incorporate QD-1 inner lining to wick away sweat. Stitched using latest technologies, the gloves can withstand the rigours of MMA fights.

  • Ergonomically designed with D-Cut palm architecture and covered loop
  • Incorporates unique tri-layered contoured PC3 padding to absorb shocks
  • Comes with moisture wicking QD-1 inner lining to keep hands dry and secure
  • Made using quality Maya Hide for enhanced resilience and improved support
  • Superior quality wraparound Quick-Ez Velcro closure for wrist support and perfect fit