Steel Weight Lifting Chains Chainbos 5kg

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The Steel Weight Lifting Chains Chainbos 5kg are a perfect accessory for a more effective workout. Featuring a 50mm sleeve, this chain is put on a weight lifting bar in the same way as a weight plate. The chain workout is so effective because when you are down, the bottom part of the chain is on the floor. As a result, when you are lifting the bar, the chain becomes heavier, thus making you use more power. As a result, you engage all the muscles, making the workout more effective. The Steel Weight Lifting Chains Chainbos 5kg is suitable for a variety of workouts: bench press, deadlift, squats or bicep workout. You may also use the chain for bodyweight workout or to make pull-ups and dips more effective. Made of high-quality steel, the chain is strong and therefore highly durable. Its length makes it suitable even for taller users. If you are looking to make your workout more effective, then the Steel Weight Lifting Chains Chainbos 5kg is the perfect choice.

Technical description:

  • Weight lifting chain for power workout
  • Sleeve 50mm in diameter
  • Wide range of uses
  • Material:steel
  • Length:195cm
  • Length w/o sleeve:188cm
  • Sleeve diameter:50mm
  • Sleeve outer diameter:65mm
  • Number of chain links:66
  • Outer chain link length:47.4mm
  • Inner chain link length:28mm
  • Outer chain link width:34mm
  • Inner chain link width:14.6mm
  • Chain link thickness:9.7mm
  • One chain and a sleeve included

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