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Using chains to otherwise common lifts is a tried-and-true bodybuilding technique. The links may easily add more weight to movements like dips and pull ups, or they can make balancing a barbell more challenging as the links shift with your movement.

Chains are one of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's favourite pieces of training equipment that he uses quite often, usually during one phase of the program.



The way chain training impacts lifts like squats and bench press is the most intriguing part of it. The added weight fluctuates as more of the chain falls and rises from the floor below as you progress through the movement.


Weighted dips tend to be one of the Rock's favourite chain movements. Simply wrap the chain around your waist and you'll be dealing with much more than your body weight. Leaning forward allows you to hit your chest, while holding your body straight allows you to focus on your triceps. Chains have the same effect as a weighted vest or a belt with a weight attached, but let's be honest... you already know which loo is which.

Pull-Ups/Chin Ups


Same as with the dips, approach the bar with the chain wrapped around your waist. Only make sure your form isn't harmed as a result of the extra weight. It will take some time to work up to weighted pull-ups or chin ups, so be careful and try these exercises to build strength in the meantime.

Back Barbell Squats

Squats with a chain barbell are a great way to add different variations to the traditional lift. Try adding pauses at the bottom of the movement or even sitting on a box before you explode up into the locked out position.

Bench Press

Like squats, the chain bench press helps you to think beyond the box. Various techniques, such as alternating full reps, half reps, and pauses, will help you increase your range of motion.


Add chains to your deadlifts to improve your explosive ability. But first, make sure you've got the form down—John Cena, the Rock's arch-rival, can help you with that.


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