Rare Olympic Steel Barbell with Bearings 6.5ft - CAMO (load 1480lbs)

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2" in diameter, the Rare Olympic Steel Barbell with Bearings 6.5ft - CAMO (load 1480lbs) is a high-quality barbell suitable not only for a heavy load workout but also for cross-training and circuit training. The six, top-quality needle bearings prevent wrist injury as the barbell sleeves rotate on their own axes even with a heavy load, making this accessory perfect for dynamic circuit training exercises. The anti-slip handles ensure a perfect grip. The handle is long enough to provide enough space for everyone to find their perfect grip for each and every exercise. 

The Olympic Steel Barbell with Bearings 6.5ft looks great. Made of high-quality alloy steel, the barbell has a ceramic, camouflage-style grip section, making it corrosion resistant and giving it its fancy look. The stylish logos and brass coating on the bearing area are the icing on the cake. The Olympic Steel Barbell with Bearings 6.5ft will fit right in any home or professional gym.

Technical description:

  • High-quality steel
  • 6 high-quality needle bearings
  • Ribbed anti-slip handles for perfect grip
  • Ceramic grip section
  • Suitable for weight plates with 50mm hole
  • Suitable for weight-lifting and circuit training
  • Barbell length: 6.5ft (201cm)
  • Weight plate part length: 41cm
  • Weight plate part diameter: 2" (50mm)
  • Handle diameter: 28mm
  • Barbell weight: 20kg
  • Weight limit: 675kg
  • Safety collars not included

Suitable collars:

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