Quality Anti-Slip Medicine Ball/Slam Ball 7kg

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Quality Anti-Slip Medicine Ball/Slam Ball 7kg

Quality Anti-Slip Medicine Ball/Slam Ball 7kg  is ideal for workouts, group exercises and improving your dynamic strength, speed and accuracy. The ball has an anti-slip rubber surface and is filled with sand. The sand does not fill the ball completely and moves inside the ball during training, which increases both the difficulty and effectivity of your exercises. There are protrusions around the ball to ensure a better grip. The weight of each ball is written on top in large letters. Thanks to all these attributes, Medicine Ball/Slam Ball is a popular functional training equipment.

Technical description:

  • Workout equipment for functional training
  • Suitable for group exercises
  • Ideal for improving dynamic strength, speed and accuracy
  • A fun way to make your training more interesting
  • Anti-slip attributes for better handling
  • Can be inflated by pump with an extension for gymnastic balls (not included)
  • Diameter: ca. 22 cm
  • Material: rubber
  • Filling: sand
  • Weight: 7 kg

Examples of exercises:

  • Standing chest pass
  • Standing overhead throw
  • One arm put
  • Dorward rotations
  • Log toss
  • Basic rotation
  • Cowboy squat
  • Reverse log toss

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