Rubber 30mm Weight Plates Ruberton 1.25kg - 20kg

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Rubber 30mm Weight Plates Ruberton 1.25kg - 20kg

The Rubber 30mm Weight Plates Ruberton 1.25kg - 20kg are high quality steel weight plates with extra protection. The surface of the plate is coated with a layer of high quality, impact and abrasion resistant rubber. Since it features practical handles on either side, it can be used as an independent weight and/or during a workout with a fitness belt with a chain. Moreover, the handles make the plate easier to handle. All of the above makes the Rubber 30mm Weight Plates Ruberton 1.25kg - 20kg perfect for home, club and professional gyms.

Technical description:

  • Suitable for barbells 30mm in diameter
  • High quality steel plate coated with layer of rubber
  • Two practical handles on sides
  • Can also be used as independent weight and/or in fitness belt workout
  • Long service life
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Material: steel, rubber
  • Plate diameter: 18cm -  42.5cm
  • Plate width: 2.5cm - 4 cm

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