Punch Pads

Boxing is undeniably a full-body exercise. By incorporating focus pads and shields into your workout, you can target specific parts of the body while focusing on your heart and legs.

Focus pads are great for partner work because they give both the attacker and the defender something to do. The hybrid glove is perfect for exercise classes and partner sessions where you don't want to waste time switching gloves after each work round. Personal trainers may use Focus Pads to turn themselves into a walking talking interactive punch bag. Focus pads may also be used to teach complex punching combos. From our Jumbo pads for beginners to our Aero pads for more advanced precision training, we have pads to fit all levels of training.

Shields are an excellent exercise tool because they combine a punch bag and focus pads into a single portable unit. Boxing courses, partner sessions, and individual and group PT sessions all benefit from shields. You can increase the emphasis on pace or strength, or you can advance your boxing class by assigning a moving target to your partner.

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