Punch Bags

Boxing's most important tool is the punch bag. Our Uppercut Bag is ideal for practising body shots and throwing punches from all directions, while our Bullet Bag is ideal for ducking and weaving while throwing uppercuts. Our Pro Punch Bags are made of high-quality PU leather that is designed to last.

When choosing a punch bag, the size is crucial. A smaller bag would be preferable if you were smaller or if you were a beginner; if you were taller or more experienced, a heavier bag would be recommended. Heavier bags have more resistance, making the exercise more difficult; they are good for those who want to concentrate on strength because the bag moves less. Lighter bags are ideal for concentrating on speed and accuracy; however, they can travel faster than a heavier bag, which has advantages in that it can mimic a moving opponent.

The length of a bag varies depending on its weight, but if you want to include kicking in your workouts, a medium to longer bag is recommended.

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