Cast Iron Kettlebell Spartan 20kg Damage Resistant

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Suitable for beginners as well as experienced users, the Cast Iron Kettlebell Spartan 20kg is a unique bell-shaped kettlebell with a triangle grip. The cast iron filling makes the kettlebell damage- and wear-resistant. The flat bottom ensures the kettlebell doesn’t roll away when you put it on the floor. Since the Cast Iron Kettlebell Spartan 20kg can be used for both single- and double-handed exercises, it is perfect for improving strength and explosiveness.

Technical description:

  • Durable, sweat- and wear-resistant surface
  • Guaranteed weight accuracy
  • Weight marked on kettlebell
  • Material: cast iron coating, filling and grip
  • Grip width: 15 cm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Price per piece

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