Neoprene Kidney Belt Back Wrap

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Neoprene Kidney Belt Back Wrap

Light functional Neoprene Kidney Belt Back Wrap is a modern accessory for protecting the kidney and lower back area. It is made of high-quality permeable fabric with a protective reinforced neoprene that is resistant to sweat and moisture. With robust Velcro fasteners, the belt is quickly and easily attached. This belt will efficiently protect your kidney and lower back area against impacts or cold, making your motorcycle riding safer. Neoprene Kidney Belt Back Wrap is an essential item for regular rides on your motorbike.

Technical description:

  • Made of quality permeable fabric
  • Protective part reinforced with high-quality neoprene
  • Permeable material resistant to sweat and moisture
  • Easily attached with a robust Velcro fastener
  • Firm and comfortable when fastened
  • Protection for your kidneys and the lower back
  • Made of materials safe for human health
  • Sizes: M (60-80 cm), L (80-110 cm)

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