Laubr Lumbar Support Belt

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Lumbar Belt Laubr is highly effective for losing body fat. The belt can be used everywhere and almost in all conditions. Lumbar belt use enhances the burning of body fat, especially during increased physical activity. We recommend wearing this belt 30-60 minutes per day. Effects will come soon and will be noticeable at first sight. The main purpose of Lumbar Belt Laubr is the accumulation of heat on the inner side of the belt, which has a positive effect on burning fat stored in the belly and waist area. The belt has a wide range of usage, as it is also an effective back support. It can be used to increase exercise efficiency, or worn underneath the clothes to provide immediate optical slimming effect for the waist area.  Lumbar Belt Laubr is made of the combination of neoprene and nylon and due to Velcro fasteners provides a perfect and comfortable fit.

Technical description:

  • Improves body fat loss
  • First effects noticeable pretty soon
  • Tones problematic waist and abdomen area
  • Hand wash only
  • Material: 70% neoprene, 30% nylon
  • Dimensions: M=20.5x90cm, L=20.5x100cm, XL=20.5x110cm
  • Can be used as back support
  • For hand wash only


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